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Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Battle of New Orleans Source material from

Billy Joel - We didn't start the fire

Greatest Recorded Speeches in American History (1933-2008)

"We Shall Overcome" - Martin Luther King, Jr.
We Shall Overcome, source material from Wikipedia.
We Shall Overcome, source material.

Woody Guthrie Ludlow Massacre
Primary Sources from PBS

Sacco and Vanzetti - song by Woody Guthire
Lesson plan from The New York Times
Kate Smith introduces God Bless America
Lesson Plans from the University of Pittsburgh

America First (Woody Guthrie)
Lindbergh source material.
Anti Guthrie, pro Linbergh source material from

Woody Guthrie - 1913 Massacre
Lesson plan from The National Park Service

Bobby Darin - Simple Song Of Freedom
Simple Song Of Freedom Lyrics

Coming to America - (By Neil Diamond)
Coming To America - lesson plan.

Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen - This Land is Your Land
Source material from
Source material from Rolling Stone. Allentown - Billy Joel
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US History for Dummies
US History for Dummies

Colonialism for Dummies
Colonialism for Dummies

Supreme Court Cases For Dummies
Supreme Court For Dummies
Constitution For Dummies
Constitution For Dummies

Checks and Balances for Dummies
Checks and Balances

The Electoral College for Dummies
The Electoral College


John Adams HBO Documentary

 Brief clips from the best American History documentary ever made.
      Staten Island Peace Conference 1776
Ben Franklin and John Adams
Staten Island Peace Conference, 9/11/76